Welcome to St. Clair Gardens Business Improvement Area

St. Clair Gardens BIA is located along St. Clair Avenue West. The BIA spans west from McRoberts Ave to just past Old Weston Road. Currently, there are 102 merchant and professional businesses within the BIA. As of March 11, 2022, there are currently 102 merchants and professional businesses open for business; 15 properties are for sale, lease, rent or are under construction, two religious structures for Christian worship service, and one business presently closed. We welcomed new neighbours to SCOOP condos, 1771 St, Clair Ave West, this past summer. We look forward to more new neighbours joining the area once active development at SCOUT condos, 1791 St. Clair Ave West, and Reunion Crossing, 1808 St. Clair Ave West is complete. These projects also bring new merchants to the area.

In addition to businesses St. Clair Gardens is home to two elementary schools, a store front branch of the Toronto Public Library (which is scheduled for expansion) and JJP community and recreation center close by. The area is in close proximity to the downtown Toronto by transit. We are accessible on the 512 St Clair Streetcar Line and by buses to Keele, Dundas West, Lansdown, Dufferin, Ossington, Christie, Bathurst, Spadina Stations and St. George subway station via St. Clair Ave W station. These amenities make the area very attractive to young families who want to live in the city.

Business Updates

Featured image for “Aunty Em’s Deli & Coffee – 1672 St. Clair Ave W”
Mar. 28, 2024

Aunty Em’s Deli & Coffee – 1672 St. Clair Ave W

1672 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON is a very significant special address. Do you know why? It’s where Aunty Em’s Deli & Coffee is located. It’s a place where you can eat mouth-watering vegan deli sandwiches and sweets as well as coffee crafted with ethically sourced beans. Every bite and sip at Aunty Em’s Deli & Coffee is a
Mar. 28, 2024


Featured image for “Sonia H. Unisex Hair Salon & Spa – 1676 St. Clair Ave W”
Mar. 28, 2024

Sonia H. Unisex Hair Salon & Spa – 1676 St. Clair Ave W

Looking for a salon that caters to both men and women? Look no further! Sonia H. Hair Salon has been proudly serving our community as a unisex salon for years! Whether you’re in need of a fresh haircut, a vibrant colour, or stunning highlights, their seasoned stylists have got you covered. Sonia H. Hair Salon is where everyone is welcome
Featured image for “Gianni Ladies & Children’s Wear – 1670 St. Clair Ave W”
Mar. 28, 2024

Gianni Ladies & Children’s Wear – 1670 St. Clair Ave W

Dive into a world of affordability at Gianni Cleaners & Children’s Wear! Uncover hidden gems and timeless treasures while enjoying unbeatable prices on a wide range of items including fashion, home decor, food, and more. With their ever-changing inventory, there’s always something new to discover, making every visit an adventure. Connie, the current owner of Gianni Cleaners & Children’s Wear
Featured image for “Shining Star Flowers – 1648 St. Clair Ave W”
Mar. 28, 2024

Shining Star Flowers – 1648 St. Clair Ave W

Do you know what flowers symbolize? Love, peace and joy! Flowers help express our feelings and emotions towards someone in a way that no other object can. Flowers deepen your relationship with the ones you care about. Where is the place where you can get aesthetically pleasing flowers regardless of the occasion? Shining Star Flowers at 1648 St Clair Ave
Featured image for “Whiteside Pharmacy – 1732 St. Clair Ave W”
Mar. 28, 2024

Whiteside Pharmacy – 1732 St. Clair Ave W

Welcome to Whiteside IDA Pharmacy , your friendly neighbourhood pharmacy, where you can get immediate healthcare advice! A team of experienced multi-lingual staff has been providing personalized, professional services to the community for decades. With continuous education and training, the U of T alumni pharmacists can assess and prescribe medication for minor ailments such as acne, cold sores, diaper rash,