Versatile Barbers N Hair Studio

Who doesn’t want to look spiffy? Whether you’re trying to impress your crush or on your first day on the job looking stylish is a must! We have a place for you to make sure you’re always looking stunning regardless of gender. The place is Versatile Barbers located at 1663 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON.  Whether you need a fade, a beard trim or weave taken care of or anything else to keep you looking good, Versatile Barbers N Hair Studio will get the job done!

This business is run by Roy and his wife Natoye and has been on St.Clar for over 30 superb years! Roy is also a very iconic barber in the neighbourhood as he is the first Black Barber in the neighbourhood and himself and his wife are very familiar with people and the neighbourhood and have witnessed them growing up! If you want to continue looking nice don’t think twice and book an appointment at Versatile Barbers N Hair Studio today!