Pooches in Midtown

Please welcome this great new business Pooches In Midtown part of St.Clair Gardens BIA! Pooches in Midtown is an extraordinary pet grooming store located at 1664 St.Clair Avenue West that makes sure your beloved furry companions are treated with care! This business opened on April 1st,2024 and was created by the tremendous Tanya who has been grooming dogs for 25 years is looking forward to  taking care of all your Pooches. Her sidekick is Madi and she will be there full -time. They are looking forward to being part of the community. If there is anything you wanna see happen for your pooches. Let us know!

Pooches in Midtown offers a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet, including soothing baths, blow drying, brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning and a full body trim!.

Treat your pet to the luxury they deserve and schedule an appointment with them today! A happy, healthy, and impeccably groomed pet awaits at their doorstep!